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Client List

Architectural Illustrations for developers and private and public sector design professionals including architects, town planners, engineers and landscape architects

During his busy career Stephen has contributed his expertise to many prestigious projects of national and international significance. Among his employers and clients are the following:-

An impression of a proposed boulevard


Allies & Morrison

Bee Bee Developments Ltd


Bovingdon Parish Council

Buckingham Canal Society

Calderdale Metropolitan District Council

Cambridge University Press

Canary Wharf

Colchester Borough Council

David Lock Associates

DLA Architects

East Devon New Community Consortium

Felixstowe & Trimleys Peninsula Future Steering Group

Fenit Holdings

Frank Whittle Partnership

Harlow Council & English Partnerships

London Docklands Development Corporation

Millennium Commission

Mr Andrew Tate, Greenacre Stables

Norwich City Council

O&H Properties

South East England Development Agency

Southern Housing Group

Suffolk Coastal District Council

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council

Wei Yang & Partners

Wokingham Borough Council

Public square serving proposed residential development with retail and cafes
Proposed canal reinstatement showing towpath and associated landscape - approach to Buckingham
Proposed “green” business park development and associated landscape

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