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Architectural Illustration Portfolio

This page shows a variety of Stephen Peart’s illustrations at all scales, from bird’s-eye perspectives to street views and domestic dwellings. Stephen uses a variety of media and his images can be b&w or coloured, either electronically or by hand. The following have been commissioned by private individuals, architects, planners and developers in support of client briefings, planning applications and public consultations.

City Centre masterplan proposal - aerial perspective
City Centre proposed development and streetscape
Proposed “green” business park development and associated landscape
Proposed residential development and streetscape 1
Proposed residential development - berm with buffer planting
Speculative enhancement proposal for an existing public square
Town Centre proposed environmental improvements
Proposed residential development and recreation space
Proposed development and streetscape environmental improvements 2
Proposed retail redevelopment and associated pedestrian-only public realm
Proposed residential development - estate road
The Cellarium
City Centre proposed shopping precinct
City Centre proposed traffic-free public shopping plaza
“Ski-lodge” suggestion for proposed cable car tourist attraction
Proposed residential conversion and restoration of existing farmhouse
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