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Commissioning an architectural illustration

Stephen Peart’s illustration services

Please contact Stephen Peart by telephoning, texting or by sending an email.

Stephen Peart Architectural Illustrator


Phone:  +44 7761 634357 (Mon-Fri)

Some clients are unfamiliar with the process of appointing an architectural illustrator. This page aims to address some common questions asked, but if you have any additional questions please get in touch.

Normally there are three steps between appointing Stephen Peart and his completion of a commission. They are:

A commissioned illustration of cottages beside a road at Calverton in Buckinghamshire

Briefing the illustrator

Having established that you would like to commission Stephen Peart, you will need to explain the nature of the project, including your objectives. Your brief will refer to the subject, (e.g. a building, a streetscape or an aerial perspective); the purpose of the drawing, (e.g. to support a planning application, a public consultation or perhaps a “house portrait”); the level of detail required, (e.g. a sketch impression or a more finished perspective); and your timescale, (the submission deadline). 


You may additionally have a “look” in mind which could determine how prescriptive you wish to be and the materials used. Whether the drawing is black & white, or coloured by hand or electronically, may be important factors. 


The amount of briefing information you provide in the way of photographs, drawings, plans, elevations and preliminary computer-generated sketch-up perspectives, will affect how much the illustration will cost. Generally the fuller the brief, the lower the fee. Sometimes a site visit could be helpful to understand the context, the cost of which may need to be factored in.


Having assessed the above and reached a thorough understanding of your requirements, Stephen Peart will provide a fee quotation for completing the work. Upon your acceptance of the quotation and your instruction to commence work, Stephen will initiate the commission.

Briefing the illustrator

Project information

Understanding the context of the project provides Stephen Peart with the information he needs to progress the project.


Source material provided by the client assists Stephen in the creative process and can include but is not limited to:

– Photographs 

– Sketchup / 3D modelling 

– Google Street View images 

– Preliminary sketches

– Plans and elevations

– Architectural precedents as leading references

A civil engineer points at a location on a map

Drawing your illustration

Stephen Peart’s illustration portfolio displays a variety of presentation styles, including a range of different drawing and colouring techniques. By referring to a particular precedent at the briefing stage, clients may prescribe a preferred "look” for their illustration.

A Cottage shown half in black & white and half colour rendered
Drawing your illustration

The drawing style and technique

Stephen Peart normally colour renders using Adobe Photoshop software, but other techniques such as graphic markers, pastels and watercolours are available if required.

3D Sketch Hand rendered

3D Sketch

Hand rendered 

Illustrative Perspective Hand Rendered

Illustrative Perspective

Hand rendered 

Illustrative Perspective Adobe® Photoshop® rendered

Illustrative Perspective

Adobe® Photoshop® rendered 

Bird's-eye Masterplan Adobe® Photoshop® rendered

Bird’s-eye Masterplan

Adobe® Photoshop® rendered

Delivering your illustration

Upon mutual agreement that the illustration is satisfactory, Stephen Peart will forward his final artwork to you as a high quality PDF and a JPG. Other formats may be available on request.


Stephen Peart will concurrently submit his invoice for settlement.

Icons of Illustration Delivery Formats - PDF, JPG and TIFF
Delivering your illustration
Architectural illustration for cost section

How much will an architectural illustration cost?

The fee will be determined by the estimated amount of time it will take to produce the illustration, the complexity of the task, the quality of the client’s briefing material, and the deadline.

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